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The Misted Mirror - mindfulness for schools and universities book

A mindfulness book for schools and universities age 13 - 20 yrs on the principles and practice of mindfullness in the educational setting. It provides a background history of the growth of mindfulness meditation and explains the relevance of mindfulness in pursuing contemplative learning and holistic education. Included in the appendix is a series of guided imagery scripts with practical exercises in mindfulness-based art expression. Teachers and parents will find these exercises valuable in helping their students and children in managing stress and building resilience.

misted mirror mindfulness for schools and universities book

Author: Dr. Peter Mack

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Book Content

Quieting the Mind

Instilling Inner Peace

An Evolving Concept

Mindful Learning and Teaching

Contemplative Learning and Mindfulness

Holistic Education

Appendix I - A Mindfulness Script for Students

Appendix II - A Mindfulness Programme for Schools and Universities

Appendix III Mindfulness-based Art Expression

"Author Dr. Peter Mack has crafted an excellent toolkit which can be taken forward into any educational institution and delivered with confidence by those who read its guidance. The work is well organised to explain the concepts clearly, whatever your level of knowledge or skill with the material, and it delivers a logical buildup of ideas that culminate with some great resources to put directly into action.

One of the things that impressed me most (as a Ph.D. student interested in creative education myself) was the implementation of art-based methods of expression and mindfulness, which was a fantastic appendix of new ideas to try.

Innovative, inspiring, and future-focused in its holistic approach, I would highly recommend."

Readers Favorite 5 star review

"This is an awesome book full of accounts of invaluable personal experiences, be it coming from the author, himself, or others which make this book an amazing field book to own and treasure."

Clara Amazon review.

"As a mother of 2, one in his teenage years and a precocious 10 turning 14, this book speaks to me. We live in a stressful and busy world, with so many competing messages and demands. Teaching our young people to achieve peaceful tranquility amidst the distractions; and clarity of reflection is so important. The book is unpretentious, easy to read and offers practical perspectives, techniques and practices."

Jennifer Wee Chief Communications Officer, Singapore Hospital.